Monday, October 4, 2010

Black & White

This is my first time taking Photography, and as of now, it's fun... I just don't like developing the film (it's such a tedious process), but I do like making enlargements. Yeah.

I am totally not a photographer wannabe. Mmhm, yeah.
But it would make a fun hobby...

Since I don't have any new drawings (because I'm la--too busy for my own personal artwork), I suppose I can share the enlargements I have made so far:

LOOK, A FANCY TITLE. I just like how the dog blends in with the car, because they're both black.

"Bum on a Rock"
I couldn't resist... and the title sounds like a drink. So I should make it "Bum on the Rocks"?
Location: That park in Chinatown

She looks like my sister (and kind of like me) when she was younger, but I had almost the same haircut. Good times. The kid looks pensive for some reason. Ooh, emotions.
Location: Chinatown

One of the many trees that have fallen around Flushing, Queens.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dreaming of Pokemon

One of the main features of an anime convention I look forward to most is the Artist Alley. I'm excited to say that I will be getting a commission from Juri, an anime and fantasy artist who will be attending AnimeNEXT 2010.

Check out her gallery here: jurithedreamer@deviantart. She's skilled with watercolor, ink, and color pencils, and looking at her work makes me want to practice with watercolor more. She also won AnimeNEXT's t-shirt contest, and I plan on getting one of those shirts...

I already got a commission from her last year:

This is one of my RP characters, Candace, as a police cadet... eating doughnuts. How typical!

This year, I'll be getting a commission of both Candace and her partner, Brahm (my boyfriend's RP character). They'll be drawn as Pokemon trainers... Yes, that's right. Pokemon trainers. Ugh, I need more practice with drawing full figures...

(RP = Role Play, for those of you who don't know.)

Candace's starter pokemon will be Shinx; Brahm's will be Misdreavus.

I still haven't grown out of pocket monsters, even though I don't know about it as well as others. I like the whole concept of having monster companions whom you can train on go on journeys with. Haha, I'm such a kid.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tea Cats and Birthdays

"Tea Cats" Acrylic on 8 x 8 canvas.

So yeah, I'm 22 now. I'm getting old, but I still have a mindset of an 18-year-old. I didn't really go out to drink and do that nonsense party stuff, but instead I had a picnic with friends and had little dinners. :)

Foo Dogs

This is a series project I did for Drawing II back in Spring 2009, all done in watercolor. The last piece is a pencil drawing from Drawing I... I hope to do more pieces like these in the future.

"Japanese Chin"
My second favorite.

This one's my favorite out of the bunch. His face looks ugly, funny, and ridiculous. His muzzle looks like a pair of... I'm not saying anything.



"Scottish Terrier"

Probably the scariest out of the series...

"Basset Hound"

"Foo Dogs (Tattoo)"
It all started with a "tattoo" assignment back from my Drawing I class in Fall 2008...

Art Dump 1

"Happy Meal" Acrylic. Spring 2009.
Mm, Shrimp Tempera w/ curry rice.

"Death by Flowers" 3D. Fall 2009.
My cat, Vegas, checking the dead bird out. No, it's not a real body.

"Ladybug" Acrylic. Fall 2009.

"It's Time" Acrylic. Spring 2009.

"Feathers" Ink. Spring 2009.
I'm not a big fan of ink, but I like how this turned out.

"Blankets" or "Leopard in Blue Diaper" Pastel. Spring 2009.
My mom gave this piece the more awkward title.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Triglyceride Issues

Hi, the name's Bernadette. You can call me Bernie or whatever.

I haven't had a blog since my depressing, semi-anti-social teenage years... I've had xanga accounts and live journals, but eventually they died out on me. I either grew bored of it or I felt people didn't really care about my blogging material. I feel like blogging is more geared towards intellectual, witty people who have delicious vocabulary, but what the heck. I miss blogging, so I'm gonna give this another shot. Maybe if I blog, I'll realize that my life isn't so mundane. At least I'm a little more sociable now.

I'll post up some artwork and photos here, too, to make my posts look more interesting.


I went to the doctor on Monday to check out my blood test results. I'm not immune to Hepatitis B anymore (I need two more shots) and my triglyceride level is high.

What's a triglyceride??

They're a type of fat. Foods high in triglyceride are pretty much sugary foods, like ice cream, donuts, and sweets -- the foods I LOVE. I'm gonna have to cut down on the sweets and exercise more... I haven't gone to the gym lately, so I've wasted almost $60. :/ I'm so lame.

I can't give up on sweets completely because I love them too much, but yeah... If my triglyceride levels don't go down within three months, I'll have to take medication to lower it. I could actually be at risk for a heart attack. It's hard when there's two quarts of Coldstone ice cream in the freezer. I won't touch them, though. They're for my mom.

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