Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Triglyceride Issues

Hi, the name's Bernadette. You can call me Bernie or whatever.

I haven't had a blog since my depressing, semi-anti-social teenage years... I've had xanga accounts and live journals, but eventually they died out on me. I either grew bored of it or I felt people didn't really care about my blogging material. I feel like blogging is more geared towards intellectual, witty people who have delicious vocabulary, but what the heck. I miss blogging, so I'm gonna give this another shot. Maybe if I blog, I'll realize that my life isn't so mundane. At least I'm a little more sociable now.

I'll post up some artwork and photos here, too, to make my posts look more interesting.


I went to the doctor on Monday to check out my blood test results. I'm not immune to Hepatitis B anymore (I need two more shots) and my triglyceride level is high.

What's a triglyceride??

They're a type of fat. Foods high in triglyceride are pretty much sugary foods, like ice cream, donuts, and sweets -- the foods I LOVE. I'm gonna have to cut down on the sweets and exercise more... I haven't gone to the gym lately, so I've wasted almost $60. :/ I'm so lame.

I can't give up on sweets completely because I love them too much, but yeah... If my triglyceride levels don't go down within three months, I'll have to take medication to lower it. I could actually be at risk for a heart attack. It's hard when there's two quarts of Coldstone ice cream in the freezer. I won't touch them, though. They're for my mom.

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