Monday, October 4, 2010

Black & White

This is my first time taking Photography, and as of now, it's fun... I just don't like developing the film (it's such a tedious process), but I do like making enlargements. Yeah.

I am totally not a photographer wannabe. Mmhm, yeah.
But it would make a fun hobby...

Since I don't have any new drawings (because I'm la--too busy for my own personal artwork), I suppose I can share the enlargements I have made so far:

LOOK, A FANCY TITLE. I just like how the dog blends in with the car, because they're both black.

"Bum on a Rock"
I couldn't resist... and the title sounds like a drink. So I should make it "Bum on the Rocks"?
Location: That park in Chinatown

She looks like my sister (and kind of like me) when she was younger, but I had almost the same haircut. Good times. The kid looks pensive for some reason. Ooh, emotions.
Location: Chinatown

One of the many trees that have fallen around Flushing, Queens.